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The Town

Re-engage in our community and great things will happen!


We are building a non-profit that’s giving back to those that give most and that’s focused on supporting the heart of our community.We are building a non-profit that wants your trust and by giving you 100% transparency and reinvestment we know that we can keep it. More information is coming soon but you can view our preliminary strategic goals here:

Free or low cost Marketing
Provide free or low cost marketing and support for approved non-profits, qualifying small businesses, and community development efforts
Transparency and Re-engagement
Reengage the community with sustainable events that encourage citizen participation while increasing the marketability of Oswego for tourism and business growth. Transparency in finances to affirm public trust and reinvestment.
Remote Learning Facility
Develop and maintain a remote learning facility that will support the university’s efforts to give students real world cooperative experiences in the city with worthy civic engagement and diverse activities
Development Platform
Provide a development platform for entrepreneurship and civic engagement to support the retention of skilled professionals within the county
Research and Acquisition
Pursue grant research/ acquisition and fundraising for supplemental support of our mission

Our goal is to develop a social enterprise, non-profit organization, that reinvests in the community making it a better place to live, shop, work, and play. To do this we intend to build a creative idea-rich environment that promotes networking, idea incubation, and collaboration  with direct community impact and multidirectional growth.

The Town is currently in it’s concept stage and it is quickly growing momentum. Please contact us directly if you would like to help!

Concept 90%
Structure 40%
Seed Funding 10%



We want to hear from you! If this is your first time contacting us, the best way is to email us so we can schedule you a time to give you the attention you deserve.



Cre8 Studios LLC PO Box 5228 Oswego NY 13126




Want to know more about what we do?

Interested in our internship program? Contact us and let us know how you want to be involved in reengaging the Oswego community!

We are looking for growing talent in the fields of graphic design, web development, social media management, videography, photography, audio design, broadcasting, marketing, public relations, event management, accounting/ finance, and operational management.

Don’t feel like you fit that mold? We are ALWAYS looking for community volunteers!

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